A B O U T    U S

 Claire Nowecki founded French Touch Upholstery in 2018 in Aberdeen.


The adventure started a bit further away in time, back in 2006 and in France, when Claire took on an apprenticeship with '' les Compagnons du Devoir'', a well known and considered french school who train young people to become experts in skilled and manual trade all over the world.


Claire moved from company to company, city to city, country to country, broadening horizons, methods and knowledge. Her path took her then on a journey trough several part of France, New Zealand, Madagascar, Germany and Scotland.


We have been lucky enough to work for small and big compagnies, doing bespoke automotive and marine upholstery, motorbike seats and also work for the outdoor industry, developing ideas and prototypes for backpacks, sleeping bags and other outdoor products.


We pride ourselves for being able to have a traditionnal, tailored approach to offer a bespoke service as well as being creative and technical with our industrial background.


The work at French Touch Upholstery is inspired by all this different experiences and give us a strong foundation for a service based on a rigorous expertise and quality.


We work for private clients and businesses, in the Aberdeen area and throughout Scotland.